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The best way to describe our Shop is to think of it as "the Car-Guy's Health Club".  Other descriptions might be:  "hobby shop", "garage space for rent", or "DIY knuckle bustin' garage space".....yeah, we're all that! 

In exchange for a monthly "fee" you can use the shop and our tools, to work on YOUR set of wheels!  And we don't just mean doing an oil change either.  Some are yanking stock CamShafts and replacing them with High Performance upgrades while others are slicing up truck frames to install custom Air Ride Suspension, and another who's welding up his son's Motorcross frame.  Naturally those projects require TOOLS and SPACE. 
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"Old School 101"

How would you like to learn how to tear apart and rebuild a chevy 350ci engine, and then get a chance to own it for $10?  Ya thats what we thought!

Coming soon we will be hosting some "classes" on such projects and look forward to you being here.

Details on this shop project soon!


Tesla Motors took one of their All-Electric Roadster Sport's from Los Angeles, Ca to Detroit, MI, 2700+ miles to the 2010 North American International Auto Show which is Jan 8, and was in our shop on December 31, 2009.

Paul Smicker was the driver on this leg of the trip and pulled up to a crowd of people waiting patiently for him.  Paul went right to work with test rides, but after 6 rides the roadster needed to refuel..... errrr recharge. HA!  Paul used the time in our shop to discuss more about the Roadster and also some of his time with it on the trip.

Friday - January 1st, 2010 we showed the Roadster in our shop to 15-20 people and everyone said the same thing "I thought it would be bigger.".

We really enjoyed having Paul and the Tesla Roadster #750 here at our shop, on Thursday 12/31/09. Everyone that came learned alot about the Roadster.  

Photo by Evan Fusco
Photo by Evan Fusco
Photo by Evan Fusco
Paul Smicker (Driver from Tesla) putting his signature on #750. - Photo by Evan Fusco


What would you expect from a $121,000 sports car? Sit in the garage 5 days a week and only be able to drive it on the weekends, right?  


On December 17th a group of 16 employees from Tesla Motors is going to embark on a 2700 mile trip from their Headquarters in Los Angeles, California to the 2010 North American International Auto show in Detroit, Michigan, to "prove that their All-Electric Roadster Sport is tough, durable and range anxiety is for the weak".  Along the way they will be stopping in 18 different cities.... 


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