CrankShaft Motor Car Club Info

Mig Welder? Check. Welding Helmet? Check. Plasma Cutter? Check. High Volume Air Compressor for high speed cut off wheel? Check. 3/8 Air Rachet, Sockets, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Floor Jack, Jack Stands, Creeper, 10 Ton Porta Power, DeWalt Buffer/Grinder, Timing Light, Torque Wrench, Parts Washer, Tow Dolly, SandBlasting Cabinet, BATHROOM, HEATER, Reference Manuals, Computer with WiFi, Kickin STEREO, Refrigerator, MicroWave, 42” Plasma TV with CABLE and 4 Post Vehicle Lift…….check, check, check, check,…..whoops, last two items.…..coming soon. 

Nasty weather just "happens" & you’re going to need somewhere to “play” with your car! Not to mention, help your buddy with HIS car! Bring your car, use OUR Equipment & TOOLS, with 24/7 access. 

Bring your own Music or access iTunes with the WiFi equipped Shop Computer or search the internet for Forums or parts or learn from one of the other guys How-To-List your stuff on E-Bay or CraigsList, etc.... Drive it or Tow it to the club and then park it outside when it's time to go home. Limited parking is available - so don't wait! **** Personal References required. *** LOCATION: Industrial Park of Nixa. 

Please note: (No Alcohol allowed) Shirts, Decals, & Garage Signs being created To get an application, fill out a "contact us" form.


-(6) Month Membership
$50 Per Month with signed agreement. 
-(3) Month Membership
$75 Per Month with signed agreement. 
(5) Day Pass $150 one time fee – good for (5) days within a 90 day period. (Equal to $30 per day) (3) & (6) Month

We're working hard to CREATE a Special Club Member Discount Card (Picture on Left) that will give our members a SHOP DISCOUNT at ONE of the top (4) Automotive Stores (Advanced Auto, AutoZone, O'Reilly Automotive, or PepBoys).

The Card will be good for a total of (12) months from the date of issuance by CrankShaft Motor Car Club, LLC.

CrankShaft Motor Car Club

1 Crankshaft Motor Car Club - The Car Enthusiast Health Club - Automotive Hobby Shop - Perfect Gearheads gift!!