December 15th 2009
By Luin Haden (www.CrankShaftMotorCarClub.com)

What would you expect from a $121,000 sports car? Sit in the garage 5 days a week and only be able to drive it on the weekends, right?  


On December 17th a group of 16 employees from Tesla Motors is going to embark on a 2700 mile trip from their Headquarters in Los Angeles, California to the 2010 North American International Auto show in Detroit, Michigan, to "prove that the Roadster Sport is tough, durable and range anxiety is for the weak".  Along the way they will be stopping in 18 different cities. 

The lucky 16 drivers will be driving Roadster #750 which can accelerate 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds and can travel 244 miles on a single charge.  They Chose #750 due to it being "Arctic White" so they can show off what the "All-Carbon Fiber Body" can withstand and show off every "speck of dirt they gather along the way".

Dont think they are going to have it rough though, #750 features exposed carbon fiber and premium leather. There’s also an easy-to-read, centrally mounted video screen that will allow the drivers to monitor real-time data like the estimated remaining range, amount of power regenerated, and the number of barrels of oil saved throughout the road trip.

The lithium-ion battery pack that powers the Roadster contains 6,831 cells. In the Roadster, the battery is liquid cooled which allows the battery be extremely durable and last up to 10 years. The battery pack is very environmentally friendly – it contains no heavy metals nor toxic materials. When it is time to retire a Roadster battery, about 60% of the battery pack materials can be recycled and a further 10% reused.

#750 is equipped with the Electronics package: they have GPS to help make all the right (or left) turns as well as Sirius Satellite Radio to keep things lively. 

What more could you ask of a road-trip car?

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